Soccer World Cup 2010


Marco Materazzi's goal

Different accounts of Marco Materazzi's goal in the Soccer World Cup 2006 final.


Italy responded with a period of pressure that brought the equaliser just before the 20-minute mark. Mauro Camoranesi won a corner for Lippi's side after 18 minutes, which Andrea Pirlo swung to the far post. Materazzi atoned for his earlier foul by out-jumping Vieira and heading home with the France midfielder protesting in vain that Pirlo's corner had curled out of play.

Casa de Colin

Italy were dangerous on corner kicks all day, and this was no exception. Pirlo steps up to take the corner and swings it into the area, and Materazzi makes good for his supposed violation earlier by reaching above Vieira to head the ball right past Barthez and into the back of the net. Barthez had no chance; that was a powerful header.


The meatballs are on the ceiling, the floor awash with spaghetti. Marco Materazzi has scored his second goal of the World Cup, outjumping Vieira and powering a header past Barthez, who was nowhere near. From Goodison Park reserves to World Cup final goalscorer.


Andrea Pirlo swung in a corner from the right, and Materazzi outjumped the equally tall Patrick Vieira to direct the ball past Barthez before raising his heavily tattooed right arm in triumph.



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