Soccer World Cup 2010


Soccer World Cup 2010 emblem

On July 7, South Africa unveiled its Soccer World Cup 2010 emblem in Berlin. A site, "Not the 2010 logo", showcases rival logos.

The emblem shows a soccer player executing a bicycle kick - a move that’s often whistled for a foul as it's considered dangerous, but which the designer featured to showcase African flair. The footballer doing the kick was done in a San or rock painting style to bring the focus back to South Africa and its identity as "The Cradle of Humankind". The emblem uses the colors of the South African flag to create the shape of Africa.

The emblem was designed by Gaby de Abreu, co-founder of the Johannesburg design company Switch design, who had the following commentary in July 2006: "The continent (Africa) featured, because it is the first time the event will be on this continent...I thought the best way of showing off African flair would be the bicycle kick, people forget it very quickly but if you score from a bicycle kick you hear about it for years and years".


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