Soccer World Cup 2010


Quotes about Cape Town and Soccer World Cup 2010

Environmental Impact Assessment
22 Sept 2006

"As the City would only be able to contribute R400 million, the rest of the capital costs would need to be subsidised. If this does not occur, the stadium could become a financial burden to local government."

Teral Cullen
26 August 2006

"This stadium mustn't be seen in regards to one additional match. It would be similar to building a house specifically for your in-laws visiting, then abandoning it. At present we don't know what we're going to use it for (after the World Cup) but we will find out soon".

Jonathan Drennan
26 August 2006

"Cape Town still has little idea what the planned R3 billion World Cup stadium will be used for after the 2010 soccer tournament has ended". Jonathan Drennan writing in the Weekend Argus.

Illana Melzer
10 August 2006

"...could Fifa, as a real gift to the poor of Cape Town for instance, insist that the semifinal be hosted at Newlands (with a marginal upgrade) and the funds currently allocated to building a new stadium in Green Point and upgrading surrounding transport infrastructure be allocated instead to building 50000 houses and creating an affordable and efficient transport network to enable workers to travel to work safely and cheaply?"

Ebrahim Rasool
July 2006

"I am delighted and relieved that after weeks of indecision, the City of Cape Town has agreed with Fifa, the local organising committee and the provincial government that Green Point is the best site for our 2010 World Cup stadium."

Alex Ferguson
21 July 2006

It's a big challenge for South Africa, but it's such a good country and there is so much enthusiasm that I think it will all work well. The important issues they face are to add more stadiums to the ones that are already built because you will need ten stadia to operate in the World Cup. The transport system and security of the fans is another issue, particular the fans who are coming into South Africa. How are you going to incorporate them into a friendly atmosphere like Germany did. The Germans made all sorts of arrangements for the fans from many different countries. I have been impressed during this trip, however. The Royal Bafokeng Stadium in Rustenburg was absolutely fantastic and what really impressed me there was the floodlighting. It was incredible, the best I've ever seen! I know they are going to do some renovations there for 2010, but as the stadium is at the moment, there is not a lot wrong with it. It was brilliant. Newlands in Cape Town is an old stadium, but it creates a fantastic atmosphere. They are also already planning to build a new stadium in Cape Town and also in Durban, so progress is being made."


26 August 2006

No plans for stadium's use after World Cup

10 August 2006

...will 2010 be a winner for SA’s poor? 

21 July 2006

Fergie backs SA for successful World Cup


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