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Will Fifa move the World Cup from South Africa ?

Dianne Kohler Barnard
Nov 2006

"If we cant protect a small number of tourists in the normal holiday season, how do we hope to be able to protect the hundreds of thousands who will flock to the country in 2010." DA spokesperosn Dianne Kohler Barnard reflecting on the news that 2 groups of tourists were robbed in seperate incidents in Cape Town.

Eric Bost
26 Nov 2006

"I look at things somewhat simplistically on occasion and the issue for me is this: who is going to be interested in spending a significant amount of money coming here on holiday, to have a good time, when you’re concerned about the possibility of getting hurt?

In the three and a half months that I have been here, I have never, ever seen a local police officer just drive through [my neighbourhood] in a car. I’m not there a lot, but on occasion you would think that just through happenstance you would see somebody — just once or twice."

Eric Bost, the new US ambassador to South Africa, speaking to the Sunday Times

Lionel Mtshali
5 October 2006

"It is sad that crime statistics, horrific as they have been for more than a decade, have not prompted a more robust government response until now. The government clearly needed an international sporting event to acknowledge the dire need to tackle crime." Lionel Mtshali

Cathal Kelly
5 October 2006

"South Africa is plagued by violent crime. There were 19,000 homicides there in 2004, the second worst per-capita rate in the world aside from Colombia (a country which, incidentally, gave up the 1986 World Cup)." Cathal Kelly

Achille Mbembe
5 October 2006

"We will organise a memorable World Cup if, by 2010, safety and security are no longer commodities defined by access to private protection services or membership of some fortified residential enclave or restricted suburb, but truly public goods accessible to all. We cannot organise a memorable World Cup if the reality of violent death at the hands of criminals is not tackled efficiently. This may require a 'zero tolerance policy' that does not criminalise the poor, but is unforgiving towards the criminal." Achille Mbembe, research professor in history and politics at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Gert Oosthuizen
19 August 2006

"May I say this, I am not challenging people, but just making a comment that in case people can be so short-sighted at that time to take such flag to a stadium, you must not expect the police to protect them, because I am convinced that the spectators would deal with them long before they enter the stadium", Gert Oosthuizen, deputy Sports Minister warning those who choose to wave the old South African flag during the Soccer World Cup 2010 that they may be attacked by patriots and should not expect police protection.

Bill Saidi
27 July 2006

"South Africa can be justly proud to have won the 2010 vote to stage the Fifa World Cup. Nigeria, the other African economic giant, has been independent since 1960. There was never a period when anybody thought of this most populous of African countries could have won unanimous approval to stage the Fifa World Cup. The reason is obvious: nobody would feel safe there at all."

David Bullard
23 July 2006

"We all know we haven't a hope of winning the 2010 World Cup, but if hosting it keeps some of our politicians on the straight and narrow for a few years, it will have been worth the effort". David Bullard writing in his 'Out to Lunch' column.

Delphine Resteigne
22 July 2006

"I want to go home. I will sleep and see how I feel in the morning. On the one side I want to present my paper, but if I stay my family will worry about me. If I think of the (Soccer) World Cup, they will have a lot to do." said Belgian sociologist Delphine Resteigne, 28, who was attacked by a group of at least 10 youths who 3 hours after arriving in Durban.

Daniel Martinez
22 July 2006

"How are they going to handle this when they hold the World Cup (in 2010)? This is incredible. I am here three hours and two blocks from my hotel and this happens. I hope this is not happening to other people. There is this kind of feeling that you cannot leave your hotel without any kind of assistance," said Mexican sociologist Daniel Gutierrez Martinez, after being attacked by a group of at least 10 youths 3 hours after arriving in Durban

ray ray
July 13, 2006

"I agree 2006 was not a stellar year for the world cup. I also agree that it doesn't spell the end of football's great tournament. However, if we're counting on an improvement in 2010 I think FIFA, as well as everyone else really, needs to address how it's going to make sure South Africa's crime rate doesn't make 2006 look like the best World Cup simply because not a lot of people died in consequence.

In a population of 44 million, there are 20,000 murders and over 50,000 rapes per year. Not to mention the 30,000 attempted murders and over half million assaults. Sprinkle in nearly 8,000 abductions and you've got a gigantic recipe for disaster. Drunk football fans celebrating or bemoaning loss, all dressed alike in crowds of tens of thousands. Is there an easier victim? The disposable income fans from wealthy nations bring will be nothing but a gigantic bullseye on their back."


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