Soccer World Cup 2010


Sepp Blatter Quotes about Soccer World Cup 2010

10 Jun 2009

"South Africa is not only ready, South Africa is committed. I’m glad [about] the installation of Jacob Zuma as the President of South Africa. He likes football and has realised what the World Cup can bring to his country and the continent." Sepp Blatter

16 Sepr 2006

"It is high time they started. They have plans, they have the money, and the decisions are made. But no one is spotted with a hammer or a shovel." Blatter said after a FIFA meeting in Zurich.

Jul 2006

"Mamma mia, the whole world trusts you." Sepp Blatter, Fifa President dismissing the possibility that Fifa has reservations about South Africa's ability to host Soccer World Cup 2010.

May 2006

"I could understand it if it had happened in Africa, but not in Italy". Sepp Blatter commenting on an Italian match-fixing scandal.

Sepp Blatter receiving an honourary doctorate from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.
26 April 2006

"We all strive for hope, solidarity, tolerance and unity. We are all one – the human race".


16 September 2006

FIFA concerns for World Cup 2010

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