Soccer World Cup 2010


Quotes about Soccer World Cup 2010 racism

David Carte
August 2006

"Many detractors are indeed destructive racists, who don’t believe SA has the organisational ability to pull it off. This confers on the organisers an enormous duty to prove them wrong. Get this right and you can negate the bitching of a million naysayers, many of them embittered emigrants." David Carte writing in Moneyweb

Makhenkesi Stofile
August 2006

"All these reports are racist and unfounded. They are misleading the public and people are going to start believing them. We hosted the rugby and the cricket World Cups here and nobody ever raised these queries. Now that it is soccer, people are all of a sudden complaining. The sceptics can see that soccer is developing into a dominant sport and they do not want to see the progress of the game.” SPORTS Minister Makhenkesi Stofile


17 August 2006

OLĒ! OLĒ! OLĒ! FOR 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa

August 2006

The pessimistic view that SA is not able to host the event is ‘racist, misleading’

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