Soccer World Cup 2010


Ambush Marketing at the Soccer World Cup


South Africa Soccer World Cup 2010


Soccer World Cup 2006

During April 2006 and May 2006, LG Electronics South Africa advertised (on television, in print media on their website) a competition in which the prizes offered were 3 "trips for two to the final in Germany". The images and phrases used in the advertising were allusions to the Soccer World Cup. FIFA took steps to protect its sponsors' rights by lodging complaints with the ASA, through its South African legal representatives, Adams & Adams. The 1st complaint was lodged on the basis that the advertisements were misleading. The general terms and conditions which apply to match tickets prohibit ticket holders from transferring tickets to third parties, in particular as part of a give-away or competition prize. This meant that LG was prohibited from honouring the prize offered. The second complaint was lodged on the basis that the advertisement amounted to a breach of the ASA's sponsorship code, which prohibits third parties other than official sponsors from launching event-related sales promotions to give the impression of sponsoring such an event.

LG has agreed to amend its advertisements by deleting all references to the FIFA World Cup, in response to complaints made to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA),

In February 2006, Fifa won an injunction against Burger King Israel barring it from running a competition to give away tickets to the Soccer World Cup.

South Korea & Japan
Soccer World Cup 2002

Pepsi (against Coca-Cola) and Nike, with its “secret tournament” campaign were accused of ambush marketing with their football-themed ad campaigns. PepsiCo had to end a campaign in Argentina which used the phrase “Tokyo 2002”.

Soccer World Cup 1998

Adidas was the official Fifa partner and kit sponsor for the eventual winners, France; but Nike gave its rival a lesson in brand awareness. Nike convinced more than a 250 000 people to visit its People’s Republic of Football event, which was opened by the Brazil's soccer squad. The Nike “swoosh” logo was plastered on many billboards in France. Six competing countries wore Nike strips.




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