Soccer World Cup 2010


Charles Dempsey & the Soccer World Cup 2006

FIFA, the world football governing body, promised to award the 2010 World Cup to Africa after South Africa controversially lost the 2006 bid to Germany (Charles Dempsey was instructed by the Oceania Football Federation to vote for South Afirca, but abstained instead so that Germany had 12 votes and South Africa 11).

Foul! The Secret World of Fifa

"Foul! The Secret World Of Fifa" is a book written by Andrew Jennings. Jennings claims German bribes secured the votes of Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Thailand and Qatar - but that Nelson Mandela had helped win South Africa the other undecided voters to tie it at 12-12.

Jennings claims Dempsey was manipulated by Fifa president Blatter to ensure that the Soccer World Cup 2006 went to Germany and not South Africa.

According to Jennings, Blatter won the Fifa presidency by getting African votes away from his rival, Lennart Johansson. In return Blatter promised Africa the Soccer World Cup 2006 and, if the vote for the 2006 hosting rights had been locked at 12-12, he would have been bound to cast his vote for South Africa, which he didn't want to do. Dempsey's abstention saved Blatter from having to use his casting vote.


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