Soccer World Cup 2010


Broadcasting for the Soccer World Cup 2010

TV rights

Showcases features audio and video podcasts created by and for fans of the Soccer World Cup 2006, highlighting matches, celebrations, and everything in-between.

State of readiness

According to a statement release by Oracle Airtime Sales on 21 June 2006 South Africa is already ready, in terms of its technological capabilities, to broadcast the Soccer World Cup 2010 to the world: "We are already equipped to manage the transmission of this event to billions of local and international viewers in 2010, due to collaboration between MultiChoice, Sentech, the SABC, MTN, Vodacom and Cell C”. MultiChoice says three technologies will play a significant role in the transmission of the Soccer World Cup 2010:

  1. High Definition Television (HDTV)

  2. broadband internet

  3. Digital Video Broadcast – Handheld (DVB-H)

DVB-H is a mobile broadcast technology that allows for the digital terrestrial broadcast of live television channels to a mobile phone.


According to Peter Meyer (head of IT at Fifa) the current (June 2006) lack of bandwidth in South Africa may make it hard to create a similar infrastructure to that in Germany, which is hosting business applications at a central data centre: I was in South Africa a few weeks ago and the connectivity, especially when contacting the rest of the world, is quite thin.’

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