Soccer World Cup 2010


China Football

Although soccer is very popular, it remains an underdeveloped and weak sport in China.

Soccer World Cup record track record



Although China didn't play, it sent the largest contingent of journalists over to cover World Cup 2006.


Earned a place.


Infront Sports & Media, already a strategic marketing partner to the Chinese Super League, is the exclusive global marketing partner for the Chinese men’s and women’s national football teams until the end of 2010. Infront and its wholly owned subsidiary, Beijing Infront Sports Consulting, will be working with the China Football Association (CFA) through the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and up to and including the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The deal covers all the key aspects of the marketing and technical development of the Chinese men’s, women’s and youth national teams. Infront will market all sponsorship (except kit supply), television, new media and image rights.

The deal includes recruiting experts in specialised areas such as coaching, nutrition, scouting and mental conditioning. Infront will also be responsible for organising home and away friendly matches according to the requirements of the CFA.

Already having been boosted by the 2002 FIFA World Cup, interest in Chinese football is expected to build up in the run up to 2007's FIFA Women’s World Cup in China and the Beijing Olympics in 2008. China is considering a bit for the 2018 Fifa World Cup.

Soccer World Cup 2002

China's only appearance in the World Cup finals to date came in the Soccer World cup 2002.

Soccer originated in China?

Chinese historians cliam the beautiful game originated in the fields of the eastern Shandong province 2,500 years ago during the Eastern Zhou dynasty's Spring and Autumn Period.


Official Chinese Football Association site (in Chinese)



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