Soccer World Cup 2010


Saudi Arabia : Soccer World Cup 2010


The Sons of the Desert.

Soccer World Cup 2006

Placed in Group H, with Tunisia, Ukraine and Spain. Shared the honours 2-2 with Tunisia, roughed up 0-4 by Ukraine before being beaten by Spain.


Cloberred 0-8 by Germany.


Eliminated after 1st round.


Eliminated after 2nd round. Saeed Owairan, known as the "Maradona of the Arabs" scored a phenomenal goal against Belgium, taking the ball rom his own half to the penalty area and scoring (in 1996 Owairan was photographed in a Cairo nightclub and banned from playing for 6 months).

Mohammed Al Deayea makes his World Cup debut against the Netherlands.

Mohammed Al Deayea

Mohammed Al Deayea has been a part of each of Saudi Arabia's four Soccer World Cup campaigns (he will be 37 in 2010). He has represented Saudi Arabia in 181 internationals (16 June 2006), making him the world's most capped footballer ever.

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