Soccer World Cup 2010


South Africa 2010 world cup lottery award - WARNING This is a scam.

2010 soccer world cup awareness sweepstakes
Canada lottery soccer world cup 2010
The scammers are at it again, trying to make people think that there's a prize surrounding the South African 2010 World Cup, in the form of a lottery award. Here's an example of the scam letter which is doing the rounds. Warning - do not reply to any of these letters or get involved with these people.

From :
Lottery Headquarters:
31, Brixton Court,
Carlton,East Gate


The South African National Lottery is pleased to announce
to you the draw of South African 2010 world cup bid lottery
international award programs held in Zurich, Switzerland.

Participants were randomly selected from World Wide Web
site through computerised draw system and extracted from
over (100,000 000) companies and individual emails
addresses. The 2010 lottery programe is intended to
promote South Africa's 2010 soccer world cup award.

In the draw,your e-mail address attached to ticket number:
Reference Batch Number is : (B9665 75604546 199) with
Serial Number (97560) drew the winning number
(60/84/27/17/36), which subsequently confers on you the
lottery award in the 2nd category.You have therefore been
approved to claim a total sum of US$1,000,000.00 (One Million United States dollars)in cash credited to
file (KPC/9030108308/03).This is from a total cash prize
of US$400,000,000.00,shared among the first 400 lucky
winners in this category world-wide.

Kindly note that your lucky winning number falls within our
lottery booklet representative office in South Africa as
indicated in the play coupon. In view of this, your
US$1,000,000.00 (One Million United States
dollars) would be released to you as soon as your
acknowledgement or confirmation of this winning award
is processed.Also your winning package in this category
includes a free first round trip air ticket (to and fro
South Africa),and one month hotel reservation in one of the
five star hotels.For security reasons,you are advised to
keep your winning information confidential untill your
claims are processed and your money remitted.
 This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double
claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some
unscrupulous elements.
Please proceed immediately,to file for your claim with our
Award/Claims Manager for urgent release of your fund
through the contact details below:

Charles Lundi,Esq
Tel: +27-72-553-7685

Please be informed that all winning awards designated to
you must be claimed on or before 12 midnight Central
African Time (C.A.T) 30th April 2005.Any breach of
confidentiality on the part of the winners will result in
disqualification of your claim.Contact our Award/Claims
manager for confirmation and endeavour to quote your
reference batch numbers in any correspondences with us.

Congratulations once more and thank you for being part of
this promotional lottery program.


Stella Barnard
(S.A National Lottery Co-ordinator)

Molefi Oliphant ( President )
Chief Operations Officer
Albert Mokoena
Chief Executive Officer
Danny Jordaan.(CEO 2010 World Cup Bid)/SAFA


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