Soccer World Cup 2010


Free State stadium (Bloemfontein)

The Free State Stadium is situated in Bloemfontein (pronounced Bloom-fon-tain), South Africa, and hostied the following Fifa World Cup 2010 matches (see results as well in the table below):

14 Jun

17 Jun

20 Jun

22 Jun

25 Jun

27 Jun

Japan 1
v Cameroon 0

Greece 2
v Nigeria 1

Slovakia 0
v Paraguay 2

France 1
v South Africa 2

Switzerland 0
v Honduras 0

Germany 4
v England 1

The biggest win was, surprisingly enough, by Germany over England with a 3 goal lead. The only draw was between Switzerland and Honduras.

The stadium is also known as the Vodacom Park Stadium.

Map centred on the Free State Stadium

Accommodation & Flights

Bloemfontein is one of the smaller of the cities of South Africa, but there are still a number of flights and numerous accommodation options. Here's some options for where to look.

Bloemfontein accommodation from Safari Now:

Flights to Bloemfontein from SouthAfrica.TO:

Because Bloemfontein is centrally situated, and relatively close to Johannesburg, a lot of Gautengers opt to rather drive than fly to Bloemfontein.

Adjustments for Soccer World Cup 2010

Second tier to main grandstand

In preperation for the Soccer World Cup 2010, a second tier will be added to the main grandstand on the western side of the ground, effectively increasing the capacity of the stadium beyond the 40,000 mark (which is required for venues to stage 1st and 2nd round matches). The aim is to complete this by June 2007.

Turnstiles, floodlights, scoreboard & sound system.

Additionally, the floodlights will be upgraded, new turnstiles will be erected, electronic scoreboards will be installed and the sound system will be revamped to the required standards.

Home to

Free State Cheetahs

Rugby team participating in the Currie Cup & Super 14, representing the Free State and Northern Cape provinces of South Africa.

Before the World Cup

14 October 2006

The Free State's Cheetahs draw rugby's Currie-Cup Final with the Blue Bulls, 25-25.


Free State Stadium was used during the 1996 African Cup of Nations to host a pool group featuring Zambia, Algeria, Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso.

4 June 1995

New Zealand beat Japan 145-17 in a game played at the Free State Stadium, in the Rugby World Cup.

31 May 1995

Ireland beat Japan 50-28 in a game played at the Free State Stadium, in the Rugby World Cup.

27 May 1995

Wales beat Japan 57-10 in a game played at the Free State Stadium, in the Rugby World Cup.


The first Currie Cup final (rugby) in Bloemfontein, with Pierre Spies scoring a try to win the match (for Northern Transvaal) in the final minutes.


The Free State Stadium is completed.

Local training venues

Bethelehem Stadium

Free State Technikon Stadium

Jo Batlokong Stadium

Seisa Ramabodu Stadium

UOFS Stadium


12 October 2006

Spies seizes the moment - in 1975

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