Soccer World Cup 2010


Loftus Versfeld

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Loftus Versfeld is the major stadium in Tshwane (used to be called Pretoria).

Fixture list for World Cup 2010

13 Jun

16 Jun

19 Jun

23 Jun

25 Jun

29 Jun

Serbia 0
v Ghana 1

South Africa 0
v Uruguay 3

Cameroon 1
v Denmark 2

United States 1
v Algeria 0

Chile 1
v Spain 2

Paraguay 0(5)
v Japan 0(3)

Map centred on the Loftus Versfeld Stadium


Upgrades for Soccer World Cup 2010

In order to qualify for selection as a first and second round venue the floodlights, sound system and scoreboard will be upgraded and designated media areas will be constructed in the lower level of the west stand.

"According to the requirements we were given, our lights have to operate at 1 500 lux and at the moment they operate at 1 000 lux. There are two ways we can overcome this. One is to tear down our current lighting and replace it with new pylons, or to build a roof over the eastern stand and put lights in the roof. We would obviously prefer the second approach as it has more long-term benefits for the stadium." stadium manager Hugo Kemp said.

OR Tambo International Airport

Upgades to Loftus Versfeld are expected to be completed by 2009.

Home ground

It is home to the Bulls rugby team and the Sundowns Football Club.



The northern pavilion was upgraded.

May 1932

Mr Robert Owen Loftus Versfeld, a sports administrator, suffered a heart attack in the east stand and died, in tribute to him the stadium was renamed after him.


Toilets and a changing room were installed.


The first concrete structure, which could accommodate 2000 people, was erected by the City Council


Field started being used for sport, and was known as the "Eastern Sports Ground"

Transport system upgrades

A major overhaul of the Tshwane Metro area's transport system is planned for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The project includes:

The Metro Council has proposed the following stadiums as training venues

Super Stadium


Giant Stadium


HM Pitje



Wikipedia: Loftus Versfeld Stadium


15 September 2006

Loftus in race to be first for 2010

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